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What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is that marketing where you can sell other company products and if the buyer will purchase through your links then you will get a commission and it depends you want to sell if the product is related to online then you will get 90% commissions easily. And if the product is related to cloth, jewelry, shoes, instrument, food, Electric items, traveling, etc then you will not get more than 50% commissions. And the affiliate links will expire within one month it depends on the item or a buy link area.


How Beginners can Start Affiliate Marketing

Every salesman wants to sell our products so you Can find out which is your favorite product and this product is useful or helpful for our user or not make sure after that you can put the information of your product in a blog. so that users can buy that product using your referral links.


   Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

  • Low risk
  • Generate passive income
  • Targeted visitors
  • Sell any items on any platform
  • Grow brand awareness
  • Limited startup cost
  • Access foreign market
  • LifeTimeRevenue Generate
  • Easy to start
  • Side Business

 Step by Step Guide of Affiliate Marketing

  • Decide on a Platform

There are many platforms to grow up our products but the best way to sell our products and build more traffic is by Blog. And you can also use youtube to grow up your sales. It depends on how to represent your product details. The main focus of every business is the platform. If the platform is good your product is automatically sold.


  • Choose Your Niche

It is one of the easiest tasks for everybody because In this you can decide what topic you want to like to Express. And is that topic is useful for the audience or not so select that topic that audience want to know. If your topic is related to food. So you can go in-depth to define it. 

Keeping your topic tight build a more focused audience. Possibly chances to rank higher in search engines.


There are three types of affiliate programs to choose it

  1. High paying, low volume Affiliate programs

Many affiliate programs depend on your niche.

For eg – The booking affiliate program pays almost 40% commission. 

               0 – 50 = 25% commission

              51 – 150 = 30% commission

             151 – 500 = 35% commission

             501 – More = 40% commission

  1. Low paying, high volume Affiliate programs

There are many affiliate programs where traffic is more but the price is low.

  • Klook – 5% commission
  • Oyo circle – 5% commission
  • Amazon – 5% commission

3 High paying, High volume affiliate programs

  • Semrush – 40% commission
  • Click funnels – 80% commission
  • Click bank – 80% commission
  • Drive Traffic to Your Affiliate Sites

You have created great content. The next step is to get more people to read that content. 

  • Here the traffic strategy
  1. Paid traffic

That’s you pay for traffic to your site. You can use it through pay per click ads. The advantage of that paid ads is. If you are a beginner you will get more traffic instantly as compared to organic traffic.

You need to understand how long it takes to optimize traffic.

Secondly, if your paid ad is over your traffic will automatically stop.

2 Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of a website and it helps to rank on google.

Basic terms of SEO

  • Understand your target audiences.
  • Creating content of that product (like – blog, youtube)
  • More focus on technical health (like – tags, speed, codes) so that your page rank on google.
  • Convert Clicks to sales

There are two types of conversions.

  1. Product information 
  2. Product purchase

You can use the technique so that people can click that page. You can also use the attractive keyword or call to action button so that people immediately buy that product after understanding the product. If there is not much information available about the affiliate program. You can use the plugin like ask a question, contact us so that people can trust you.


Let me introduce my self I am Bhavesh Rawat. Blogger, affiliate marketer and logo design professional. I am self motivated and hard working individual. I believe in customer satisfaction quality work and I will complete the given task on time.

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