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1. Bluehost

A Bluehost affiliate is the number one hosting website by the year 2020. almost every hosting launch its own affiliate program to create traffic and convert them into buying customers. You can earn almost $65 to $130 per sale.

For those audiences who want to earn a commission from Bluehost. The investment is minimum to purchase hosting, domain, and website. Once your website is ready to launch then you need to promote Bluehost products on your website then you earn a specific commission.

You will have to make at least 2 qualified sales to get your first commission payment. The payment will be generated between 14-15 days of every month.

2. Godaddy

It is the number one domain registrar right now and one of the best hosting companies as well. This affiliate program is helping thousands of online marketers to learn handsome amounts. You can get a commission of up to 15% which can go up to 100% depending on the which type of products you are selling.

GoDaddy offering domain, hosting, and other web-related products at a lower cost. By becoming a GoDaddy affiliate you would earn a 15% commission from the type of products you sold. And the payment will be received between 5-10 days a month.

3. Hostgator

A Hostgator affiliate is great for you and your visitors Hostgator. Membership to the Hostgator affiliate program is free. And you don’t need to buy anything from Hostgator. It can generate almost 3000 per sale. Hostgator provides 21 sales a month. This translates to 63000 per month.

Hostgator is one of the top hosting companies with 2 million customers. It is easier to promote hosting services compared to other web hosting on the market. The commission of your product is automatically transferred straight to your bank account between 10 -12 days a month.

4. Site ground

That hosting company that pays affiliate commissions each week. You don’t need to generate sales each month. you only need to generate a single affiliate sale and then you will be paid. Site ground web hosting program is available only in a limited number of countries.

Site ground will give you $50 per sale for each customer and you can also earn $125 per sale if you referred 21+ customer per month as the most customer you refer the higher commission you earn.

The simple way to join site ground

  1. Visit the site ground affiliate program
  2. From the top menu click affiliate
  3. Click on the join now button
  4. Fill the affiliate registration form with your information

5. Namecheap

A Name cheap is a popular domain registrar they offer 100’s of TLDs, cheap pricing, and a great product. The company claimed in 2018 to be managing domain. It is one of the most popular domain registrar in the world. It can provide a variety of banners and Marketing material. There is no limit on how many commissions an affiliate can earn.

Namecheap affiliate commission structure

  1. 20% commission for domain registration or transfer
  2. 35% commission for web hosting purchase
  3. 35% commission for SSL purchase
  4. 20% commission for private email
  5. $5 commission for easy WP

6. Dreamhost

A Dreamhost is one of the most recognized hosting company. Dreamhost provides shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, and a web builder. They are hosting over 1.5 million websites. The dream host affiliate program provides an easy dashboard and that is very well designed. For affiliate referral commission.

  1. $200 for a dedicated server signup
  2. $150 for a dream press signup
  3. $100 for an annual shared hosting signup
  4. $30 for a monthly VPS 

Dreamhost provides a link for 30 days meaning so that if visitors click on your affiliate link then you will be received a commission. And the commission will be credited in your account in between un10 

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