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The power of images has to gain traffic, rankings, and shares.

In fact, if you have only one image on your blog post then you are much more likely to rank on Google. 

The images work like attracting your audiences and increase the volume.

We don’t have the creativity or design skills to do it. But I know I need the visuals if I want my content to be viewed by the audience. Without visuals, I had probably drive traffic 50%.

So in every blog post, I upload images also.

Thankful there are a ton of free photo editing tools. That makes you look like a professional.

You can save your time with just a few minutes of image editing. And all the tools are easy to use even if you have little experience with designs.

Here are the Photo Editing Tools that make you look like a Pro:-


Canva is one of the best image editing tools in the market.

It is a free graphic design, a logo design platform that allows you to edit photos without experience.

Almost everything is free except for a few advanced premium templates and icons. And those cost is just a few dollars.

You can export files directly to your computer and templates also.

For example, if you create a graphic for a Facebook post. Then there is a template for it. So let’s dive into the tools and all the great features that it can provide for you. 

You can create magazine covers, resumes, presentations, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, logos, blog title,s, and many more.

You can also create things like Facebook ads or google ads.

Once you have selected a template type, you can begin choosing between free or preset Designs.

You just click to edit then drag and drop any other elements to your linking.

Use Canva to create fast social images or great templates for your next blog.


That Snappa is easily creating any type of online graphic. Create and publish images for social media, blogs, ads, and many more.

One of the best features of Snappa has to offer a social media scheduling tool. You can share your graphic directly from Snappa. 

One of my favorite users for Snappa is the diverse selection and they have for social media and PPC ads.

It is the best image editing tool with the most options in just a minute and to create high-quality ads.

You don’t need to pay any designer for a few banner ads because Snappa allows you to do it in just a few minutes. Once you’ve picked out your desired template size then you can start to choose from a free option.

You can add high-quality background images for free with high quality. You can simply in the bar above to narrow down your results.

Snappa is basically used by thousands of marketers, or non-designers to create a wide range of graphic designs for display ads, blogs, etc.


The world’s favorite online photo editor tool. You edit your photo right in your browser for free. There is every editing feature you had to find in a paid tool.

It is incredible customization options that you’d expect in high quality. It requires some of the design elements and skills that are above the level of Canva and Snappa.

The greatest strength of the tool comes in the form of detailed filters and layers.

It is not the easiest tool in the market to use. But if you are looking for more customization options and for free then Pixlr is a good one.

It is completely free and allows you to experiment more with customization.


The PicMonkey is a browser software that allows users to edit their images or anything without the need to download any kind of application into their browsers.

That also useful for bloggers who like to use their own photos, home-based online retailers who wish to post their products on their websites. 

It allows you to add filters and overlay to your photos. It also has a feature that you can use to add text to the image.

PicMonkey has been around for a quite while and over the years the developer has come.up.with a wide. selection the design templates that allow the users to easily design. 

PicMonkey is a great tool for every person who needs detailed image editing but doesn’t want to get delay by advanced. 

If you want to create beautiful unique photos in just a few minutes and that is less focused on text and templates then PicMonkey is the best for you


It is a cloud-based application that allows users to easily create graphic designs. Users can embed charts, videos, in a Piktochart. 

To create an antic infographic you need to start by choosing a blank or pre-designed template or theme. And then add information and media. 

The updated version of Piktochart provides more than 10 ways of visualizing data from the most basic dot lines, a bar chart that can be embedded into websites. 

If you want to inspect one and get a preview simply click on the templates. It offers high-quality graphics just like Snappa. 

Piktochart is one of my favorite tools because they have some of the best free options and don’t need to buy it.

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