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A free WordPress hosting service could be just what you need because these free services would not match the performance and flexibility of quality paid WordPress host. But this free WordPress will help you to set up a working WordPress site for free.

After reading, you’ll have a massive idea of which free WordPress hosting option is best for you and your needs.

The Best Free WordPress Hosting Services are:-


It is open-source software that simplifies the process of creating a WordPress site, you launch your site by simply registering on a account. 

But it doesn’t give you access to the full WordPress software means you are limited in what you can do.

WordPress has a Great free option But you are gaining a simple experience powered by World-class infrastructure.

Features of

  • Easy user-friendly process
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 3 GB of storage space
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free WordPress themes Available
  • High powered infrastructure means that  your website will be load quickly and reliably
  • Get a custom WordPress dashboard for managing your website

Cons of

  • You cannot install your own themes and plugins on the free plan.
  • No direct server should be accessible, you cannot connect via FTP or manage your database is a good option for non-technical users who don’t need the ability to install their own theme or plugin.

2. Byet. host

A Byet provides you with a massive free, and ad-free load balanced free web hosting services. A byte is a right service for you and at the right price $0.

The Byet gives the choice of your subdomain, you can stick with your site or you can pick from another 5 great names we have available with MySQL, PHP, and other features.

Adding your own domain registered at any domain is just a few clicks on that because these hosted is free in your Byet account.

Features of

  • Unlimited MySQL database
  • Full server access via FTP
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage (10 MB max file size for individual files)
  • Email hosting
  • Use your own custom domain
  • You can create your own email address

Cons of Byet host

  • The vista panel hosting dashboard looks quite dated.
  • While you get unlimited storage, individual files cannot exceed more than 10 MB.

It is a great option for those users who need full server access for lots of WordPress sites and high volume. has unlimited plans quite a bit, making it one of the most generous free WordPress hosts out there.

3. 000Webhost

It is a free website hosting solution that provides you valuable features, including a website builder and WordPress support.

Users can upgrade to a paid plan to get more features and support but the 000webhost is a free web hosting solution for those who are truly tight on their budget.

There are limits to what you can get with this free plan but still a viable way to create a site for an individual or a small business.

Features of 000webhost

  • 3 GB of Bandwidth
  • You host two websites for free
  • 1 click WordPress installer 
  • 1 GB of storage
  • Free website builder
  • Full database access
  • You can use your own custom domain also
  • Easy to perform key action in custom hosting dashboard

It is a great option for users who want a full service hosting experience for free. The only thing to pay attention to is storage and bandwidth limits

4. X10 Hosting

It is web hosting services that provide you with what you need when creating your website. With more than 10 years of experience, it has positioned itself in hosting marketing with high prestige.

Features of X10 hosting

It provides accommodation free hosting services, reliable and fast, Whether it’s for a Cpanel managed WordPress website or a gaming platform with many people.

  • You can use your own custom domain name.
  • Storage limit 512 MB to start
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • X10 hosting works for high traffic sites.
  • Full server access
  • You get full Cpanel access
  • 2 different hosting dashboard

Cons of X10 hosting

  • Limited signup location.
  • X10 hosting would not signup from any Vietnam or using a VPN not everyone can use the service.

X10 hosting is good for those who want higher volume on their websites because it offers unlimited bandwidth.

It will be your best option, you will find a server where your information will be available at all times and with easy access.

5. Infinity free

It is a Fastnet sponsored provider of capable free web hosting. Like Byet gives you generous limits when it comes to disk space and bandwidth. This is why 3,00,000 people use infinity free.

Features of Infinity free

  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 10 e-mail account
  • 400 MySQL databases
  • SSL certificate
  • Use your own custom domain
  • 1 click WordPress installer

Cons of Infinity free

  • Vista panel hosting dashboard looks quite dated
  • Individual files cannot exceed 10 MB

Those persons who need full server access for lots of WordPress sites or higher traffic than infinity free is a great option for users. It is a form of the same parent company as Byet , so it’s really just up to your preference which one you want to use.

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