Best Affiliate Programs

Best‌ ‌Affiliate‌ ‌Programs‌ ‌-‌ ‌Opportunities‌ ‌to‌ ‌make‌‌ Passive‌ ‌Income.

1. Amazon Associates

We know that everyone already has an Amazon account. So they buy a product from this site. As an Affiliate Marketer in Their amazon associates programs, we sell any product so you can be sure that you have to sell that product that people can buy it or use it. And the product information is relevant to your website. 

It is also free to join amazon associates programs and once accepted to the program so you can sell any product. Without any communication to the third party. You also get opportunities to earn a commission not to advertise that product but show ads on your website.

When we sign up for an amazon account we know which product we want to sell. Then go to the product side and then apply the affiliate link. You have to single sign up to use affiliate links and promote any of the products. because you can also promote other services for eg – amazon prime is the most trending thing on amazon.

Amazon changes our term and condition something this has resulted in a reduction of commissions across various product ranges. So that earning potentially available is lower than it was a few years ago. But this is the first e-commerce site where the earning level is high.

The biggest e-commerce site

  • Unlimited products available
  • Easy to sale
  • Easy to use
  • Low commission

2. Flipkart Associates

Affiliate marketing allows users to join this program for free. Flipkart is one of the top e-commerce marketing company in India. The affiliate requires to generate as much traffic as possible on Flipkart and earn up to 12% on every sale. When customers click our link and purchase on our site.

It has a wide range of products for sale. It is one of the best platforms. Which gives you a high commission for your product. Every product has a different commission value. You have to choose which one you want to promote through a blog.

Commission list

        Items.                                                 Commission

  1. Grocery.                                            18%
  2. Furniture.                                         10%
  3. Fashion & Lifestyle.                         4%
  4. Electronic items.                               4%
  5. Books and general merchandise   5% 

3. E-bay partners network

The e-bay affiliate program is that program by signing up and sharing your listings outside by e-bay. If you drive traffic to eBay. The buyer completes an understanding of the qualifying transaction on one of your items. And then you will receive a commission. for all other qualifying transactions. You can earn a commission of up to 70%.

            Items.                                                   Commission

  1. Gross merchandise                                  100$
  2. E-bay revenue                                           10$
  3. Earning as a percent of revenue           60%
  4. Earning as a percent of sale                    6%
  5. Your potential earning                              6$

4. Fiverr

By signing up for the Fiverr affiliate programs you get to promote the World’s largest marketplace to online services. For logo design, write to program, and business services the option are endless. And if you promote these services you earn up to $150 for the first buyer. and up to $1000  per sale.

Fiverr has two affiliate programs that anyone can do. First is like Affiliate tracking software and that is expert. And the second is hosted on the CJ affiliate network. I really promote that links really advantageous and efficient.

            Items.                                                           Commission

  1. Fiver pro.                                                         $150
  2. Animated explainers & Ebook writing.     $50
  3. Website builders & mobile design.             $40
  4. Logo maker.                                                     $30
  5. Article and blog post                                      $25

5. Bluehost

Affiliate programs are super popular in the Bluehost web hosting space. because  This is one of the recommended hosting providers by WordPress with free domain registration. Bluehost may provide a small commission to me at no cost to you.

you can promote three types of hosting plan

  1. Shared hosting- A best hosting plan for individual websites or blogs.
  2. VPS hosting- virtual private servers for a larger website with extra features.
  3. Dedicated hosting- extreme power and uptime using custom-built servers.

It offers one of the highest paying commission structures for affiliate marketers for earning additional revenue from your website.

6. Click funnel

Is the most popular landing page builder. They offer a 40% payout on all sales. click funnel was created so that entrepreneurs like you and me who are not programmers and who don’t know how to code can easily build massive pages insides a sales funnel. Click funnel gives you that tool you can sell your product online. 

For every sale of click funnel, you are entitled to a recurring 40% commission. There is the lowest plan is $97 a month for each customer you refer. If someone buys a funnel script through your affiliate link then you received up to 40% commission.

7. Click bank

A Clickbank is like a middle man between the creators of digital products. Such as e-book, videos, music, and so on. And people can sell these products through links. You can only create unique affiliate links for thousands of products and start to drive traffic right away to start making money. As a product owner, you can add your product to the database. And click bank will take your all checkout. It’s free to join and there is no screening process.

Whether you are a good affiliate marketer or just the beginning of your marketing career. The world marketers promote click bank products for over 20 years. And earn more than $4.2billion in commissions. Click bank is the best choice for sellers and affiliates who are seeking to grow their business without money.

Every time product is sold by Clickbank. Click bank purchase the product from vendors at 93.5% of sale price +$1 This means that the click bank keep 7.5% + $1 of the purchase funds

8. Shopify

A Shopify is an e-commerce platform with a hosting option as well as a payment processor option, Shopify also has a large store where you can buy third party product and themes. The affiliate program pays commissions for the sale of any of these products. Shopify provides 14 days free trial for third party product like theme and apps. The commission is paid for the sale of any of these products than 14 days free trial and then converted to a paid account. Shopify also has a wide range of blog posts and video tutorials. because That can be linked with the commission paid on any sales that are generated.

The average paid commission rate is $58 per the Shopify website. Shopify is made according to different metrics. If your referral signs up for Shopify plus the highest payout is a flat $2000. Referrals who sighed up for the standard plan and earn up to $598 commission. you will earn two times a monthly rate but after the two months, users have been a paying customer.

  • Very responsive live chat
  • A dedicated affiliate manager
  • High commission rates
  • Twice monthly payout via PayPal
  • Good brand reputation

9. ShareASale

A ShareASale is an 18-year-old international affiliate program. They spent the time to grow our network by relationship, building technology, and guiding our merchant and publisher to success in affiliate marketing. Use this platform and network of partners to top into new sources of revenue for your online business.

It is a part of Awin work like a merchant and affiliates. There are more than 2000 + merchants who offer a product or a service and try to promote them through a ShareASale by link. On the other hand, there are thousand of ShareASale affiliates who are promoting client products and earning commission through it. Shareasale mainly provides two types of promotion. because  Only selling the product is not the right way to get the reward. Different affiliate programs can use different payment terms.

  1. Pay per lead:- In this advertiser pays you based on the conversion of leads, such as file download or fill the form or signup. If a customer follows the affiliate link to the advertiser and completes the required action. This is ppl is also known as CPA(cost per action).
  2. Pay per sale:- In this, the advertiser pays the affiliate based on the conversion of sale. If the customer will click on that link and purchased that product. Then you can earn a higher commission through pay per sale.

10. Godaddy

A Godaddy is one of the highest affiliate programs in India. Godaddy provides a domain name so that people can build their own company name. If someone wants to know about a domain name or a coupon for purchase a domain. Then they click your affiliate link you must have a website and there must be relevant content or traffic.

Conversion flow

  • User click on the link
  • Userland on your website to purchase
  • User successfully paid

world’s number first domain registrar right now is Goddady, and one of the best hosting companies as well. This affiliate program is helping thousands of online marketers to earn a beautiful amount. you can get a commission of a minimum of 15% which can go up to 100%.dependiig on the types of product sold.

Let me introduce my self I am Bhavesh Rawat. Blogger, affiliate marketer and logo design professional. I am self motivated and hard working individual. I believe in customer satisfaction quality work and I will complete the given task on time.

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